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Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap

With Washable Laundry Bag And Round Box for Storage

Crafted from GOTS certified cotton and infused with a blend of organic beeswax, Green-America Certified jojoba oil, and tree resin, our wraps provide you with an eco-friendly, biodegradable solution to food storage.

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Self-sealing wraps for safer storage
Self-sealing wraps for safer storage
Re-waxable and reusable
Re-waxable and reusable
Sustainably sourced materials
Sustainably sourced materials
Fresher food for longer
Fresher food for longer
Versatile Food Storage Solution

Countless hours have gone into developing, testing, and optimizing these organic beeswax food wraps to ensure a top of the line product that is 100% eco-friendly, long-lasting, and biodegradable.


Our wraps can be used with a number of food options including:

  •  Cheese and snacks
  •  Salads, greens, and herbs
  •  Bread and sandwiches


Other practical benefits of these beeswax wraps include:

  • Opening stubborn jars
  • Packing soaps and hygiene products for traveling
  • Crafting a box or pouch for on-the-go snacks
  • Keeping open jar or beverage contents fresher for longer

Follow these three simple steps to wash your beeswax food wraps:

  1. Fill a washing basin with cold water and some dishwashing liquid.
  2. Place the wraps in water and scrub with either a sponge or hard-bristled brush.
  3. Rinse off and air dry for best results.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and or workmanship. If we discover a genuine defect or fault with your item we’ll then, based on normal usage, replace, repair, or refund your purchase for free – no questions asked.

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Customer 09.11.2020
Great product! Very easy and simple to use.
I’ve been trying to reduce my use of plastic and beeswax wrap is such an easy switch for cling film. So far I’ve been using it to wrap and store fresh herbs and vegetables and it’s really easy to clean as well.
Sez 09.11.2020
I love that they are eco-friendly and affordable!
This is my first time using these eco-friendly reusable food wraps and I love the cute packaging that it comes in. I definitely prefer these neat reusable food wraps over the standard ones. They stay in place, keep foods fresh, and is very easy to clean. I do think these should come with instructions though. I will recommend this to family and friends for sure!
John 09.11.2020
I am in love with these wraps. They work wonders! I am super happy because this is such a good step and alternative to using something else other than plastic, and they will last a long time! I also loved that it came with a bee's wax refill bar! Highly recommend!
sageliving 09.11.2020
Handy. Seals great.
This was my first experience using any beeswax wraps. After 40+ years of using a plastic wrap, I really wanted to try an environmentally friendly product. I have wrapped raw onions and plates of food for the frig with the new beeswax wraps and it works great. The wraps seal around dishes, itself and the food. Keeps everything fresh. The only thing is you can't see through the wrap like plastic, so I might not always remember what is in the wrap.
margaret brizzolara 09.11.2020
So useful and convenient!
I love these! I've been making do with jars, tupperware containers, and some silicone bowl covers, but there were a few times when plastic wrap would have been really, really nice to have. I got these, and there went that problem! These wraps are easy to use and easy to clean. So far, I've covered containers with them, wrapped cut fruit/vegetables in them, and, to put them to the test, I peeled a banana, rolled it up in one of the wraps, and put it in my purse. 40 minutes, two car rides, and a bit of walking around later, I got it back out to check on it. It hadn't even turned a little bit brown. I was pleasantly surprised, and will definitely trust these guys to keep just about anything fresh in the future. Would most certainly recommend to anyone interested.
Carver 09.11.2020
Easy use, Great value, Green packaging.
Bee Was wraps can be a bit tricky when it comes to finding ones that work well and I've struggled finding ones that work well. These from Greenzla work much better than I expected. The sheets are easily shapable and cling well to what you put them on. The amount of wax on each sheet makes it much quicker to wrap up your food without having to wait for your hands to warm it enough to use. The size range is great, I can conver my 2 quart Pyrex bowl completely with the largest sheet without worry that anything will get into it. These wraps do have a different texture than the "original" bees wax wraps, just a hair on the waxier side. However this is what helps to make them slightly easier to use. I would recommend finding a draw that stays cooler to keep them in when you're not using them to keep them in good shape. These is extra bees wax if you need to repair the wraps in any way which is a great touch that I appreciate. My biggest complement to the company is their effort to greener packaging. Everything that these are packaged with I can reuse or recycle which I appreciate. If you're thinking of trying any out I highly recommend these.
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