Bamboo Toothbrush (4 Pack)

Our natural bamboo toothbrushes are made from sustainably sourced materials. The springy bamboo handle paired with charcoal activated bristles makes brushing a breeze, leaving your teeth feeling and looking fresh.

$9.99 USD
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Smooth  natural bamboo
Smooth natural bamboo
Charcoal  activated  bristles
Charcoal activated bristles
Eco-friendly travel case
Eco-friendly travel case
What's Included?

Each toothbrushes pack includes:

  • 4 natural bamboo toothbrushes
  • Proprietary charcoal tooth floss
  • Stylish bamboo tube holder

To maintain your toothbrushes, remember the basic guidelines below.

  1. Rinse off before first use.
  2. After every brush, rinse thoroughly under cold or warm water.
  3. Always air dry and ensure the bristles are clear of any debris and foods.
  4. Store in the secure tube holder when traveling.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and or workmanship. If we discover a genuine defect or fault with your item we’ll then, based on normal usage, replace, repair, or refund your purchase for free – no questions asked.

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Rosaline 29.10.2021
Walter 27.10.2021
great quality love how eco friendly it is
Levi 27.10.2021
Better than plastic obv
Phenomenal! I love my toothbrush. I have been using it for two and a half months, and there are no signs of wear yet!
Tammi 14.10.2021
Good quality products and well designed.
Great set. Nice that the charcoal dental floss is in a glass container! Really nice holder for toothbrush.
Gwendolyn 14.10.2021
Not bad
I read about bamboo toothbrushes. Then I bought this one it wasn’t that good what I expected. But not bad too.
Asis D 14.10.2021
High Quality Sustainable Product
Okay, this has been a great product! The floss is so soft! I'm not sure what it's made of, but it feels like cotton or something? If so, that's amazing! The packaging is totally recyclable and there is no plastic in this at all so I was super happy about that since I am trying to be waste conscious this year. Very sturdy high quality products.
Alisa 11.10.2021
Not cheap feeling and last for months. Since it came with so many I change mine every month but I could’ve kept using. Very sturdy. Won’t go back to plastic.
Nicole 10.10.2021
Came cracked :(
I love the way it feels and it feels sturdy but I guess that’s not true it came cracked. I’m sad I was looking forward to this case!!
Cody 09.10.2021
So good!
I decided recently to switch to bamboo toothbrush, and I chose this option from Greenzla bacause I thought it offered great value for money. Believe me... it feels very comfortable in hand, and the softness of its bristles is awesome. I am very pleased with the quality of every item received.
Luigi 08.10.2021
Very good I like it, but...
The idea is nice... but the bristles need to be a little more firm. They are a little more than soft
Jay 08.10.2021
Love this bamboo toothbrush set! Seems to be made very well, look forward to using them.
David 11.11.2020
Save the planet and your teeth!
I love this! I feel like this product succeeded to be as good-looking as it is a professional grade, the tooth brushes and also the floss do the job really well. Its all made of bamboo, no plastic seems to be anywhere, not even the packaging, making it ecological to use, and dispose. I would buy again.
Enim 11.11.2020
Love the quality of the product
I love these things, my gums are sensitive and I have a bad habit of brushing my teeth too hard and these save my mouth the damage that may have occurred, not to mention their better for the planet.
J. Coleman 11.11.2020
Great product
very smooth!! The toothbrush feels great in your hand, the case shuts firmly, there is No plastic in this product so it's simple and elegant.
Jessica Meza 11.11.2020
Plastic free
I got everything in the package as described. The bamboo travel case is great, although it is hard to open sometimes. The floss has a nice minty aftertaste too. Overall, for the price and the variety of items (the toothbrushes, floss, and the travel case) it is a pretty good buy.
JB 11.11.2020
Soft Bristles
I'm so happy to have received this set of bamboo toothbrushes in the mail! I've been wanting a bamboo holder for the longest time, but I've always found them to be overpriced. This company makes their products so easy and affordable. I truly love the effort they're making with environmentally-sustainable products, as well as how fast/ efficient the shipping is!
Libi 11.11.2020
So neat !
This product is fantastic! The toothbrush has the perfect softness, not hard, neither too soft. The dental floss is spectacular, very resistant and with a great smell. And the bamboo travel package is perfect too! Besides, with the purchase I received a 20% discount which I used to buy a second set of these, because they are truly the best toothbrushes I’ve tried!
Lisandra 11.11.2020
Great packaging! Good for the environment!
These bamboo brushes do the job! They leave me so fresh and so clean in my mouth and with a guilt free conscience knowing that I’m doing something for the environment! Also I love the traveling case that it comes with this set. In the past I would just throw it in my toiletry bag because I didn’t want to buy a plastic container to put my toothbrush in, therefore I’m glad that this traveling toothbrush container is plastic free as well.
Alicia Espinoza 11.11.2020
Help the planet
My toddler loves it! Very good quality. Durable Toothbrushes . Great Handel for little hands.
Nancy Beal 11.11.2020
Love the toothbrushes. I have a family of 7 and all the kids are in love with their new toothbrush as well. Quality product and I love the natural feel and look of them. Glad we found a way to be less wasteful for our planet. The bristles are so soft I'm bragging to my fellow crunchi mom friends. Great product. Keep up the good work :)
Nancy Beal 11.11.2020
Love these brushes
Bamboo it’s awosomnes! Love how they packed, the softness, the feel of wood in my hand, especially that it’s not plastic!
Jenny 11.11.2020
Good for the environment!
I was very happy to get the Greebzla toothbrush. The delivery was fast. The travel case is great. The toothbrush is comfortable to use and clean very well. The brush tip gets to every corner. So I'm happy to use it. The dental floss came in a cute tiny jar. It has a refreshing mint taste, only it wasn't clear how to cut it. The only thing that bothered me is the lower tip of bamboo brush, that got darker because of the water left in the cap. I guess I could evoied this by not putting it in the cap...
Tina 11.11.2020
Great Buy
Excellent little travel set up. I bought this set due to the simplicity of the travel gear. The tooth brushes have 1-4 little leafs on it to keep track of who’s brush is who’s. Great little set.
Peter 11.11.2020
Good quality
Absolutely loved this product! There’s so many bamboo toothbrushes out there that are sold in plastic packaging, but this was entirely plastic free! The packaging was eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The bristles on the toothbrushes are perfectly soft, and the floss works great! The container for the floss is one of my favorites! Also, the bamboo travel case is so cute and practical. Overall, everything was as great as I thought it would be! This product is so worth the low price.
TLSrn85 11.11.2020
Just what I wanted
I got these with the recommendation of my aunt who is also trying to use more sustainable products. There is no plastic in this product, it is simple and elegant. The travel case makes it nice and easy to take anywhere.
Kasondra 11.11.2020
Great packaging and great product
The quality of the product is better than my expectations. The bamboo toothbrush are perfect for enviormental concerned consumers. Also the bamboo travel case is super cute and great to keep it clean. Love it would buy again.
Garden Bug 11.11.2020
Nice mouth feel
Really love the product. I especially a big fan of the dental floss. Comparing other charcoal dental floss, this one is thicker and smoother and catch residues in mouth thoroughly. i am trying to find a way to reorder the dental floss only but no luck yet. It seems it is only available as a package purchase.
Annie 11.11.2020
How was it?
This is the cutest "eco-friendly" kit I ever gotten! The case to hold the toothbrush is very sleek and closes perfectly. The floss! The floss!! Its black like my soul and mint to perfection on my teeth. I would have liked the top part to have something to cut it with but overall very good( I just use scissors) I have not finish off my plastic toothbrush yet so I'm not intererly sure on the brushes themselves but once I do I will review that part as well.
Clint 11.11.2020
Very eco friendly
Not only does this toothbrush make my teeth feel very clean, they are good for the environment! Did you know that it takes up to 400 years for a plastic toothbrush to breakdown?! Bamboo toothbrushes are compostable. It is sleek enough for travel and came with a beautiful bamboo travel case. Not only is the toothbrush compostable but the packaging is as well. It is really important to me that I buy products from companies that have the earths well being in mind. Will be buying more of these for the whole family and friends to get them to transition to plastic free dental care. Really love these toothbrushes. The bristles are soft and they clean so well!
Darakshshan 11.11.2020
Good value, good product
Not a bad set of toothbrushes. The brush is quite small and soft and black floss included in the set and a bamboo travel case.
Palack 11.11.2020
Go buy this
Apart from being environmentally friendly and the packaging being beautiful, the toothbrushes are really good and look lovely in my bathroom. I have stopped buying anything plastic so these are ideal, also like the little leaf pattern so you can tell who’s toothbrush and the lovely bamboo holder.
May K. 11.11.2020
Prefect toothbrush!
This is my first time using a bamboo toothbrush and I have to say that it was an awesome experience. For one you are saving the planet from harmful plastics and waste. For another the brushes just look so cool and different, the handle of the toothbrushes feels really comfortable. At first I thought the bristles looked too soft but they are actually really great they brush and clean your teeth so well. I would definitely recommend this to anybody that is eco-friendly and would like to try something different.
Cristina 11.11.2020
Good purchase
I bought these for my husband since I have recently started composting biodegradable material. If you guys think that your buying this to be earth friendly and toss it in the trash to decompose well it doesn't work like that. It needs to be composted. In fact throwing biodegradable material into landfills emits greenhouse gas and is actually doing worse. Just research to learn how to compost if you want to do better for the earth. On to the product... my husband has never used these types of floss or toothbrushes. He swears he feels like his mouth is so clean and the floss gets everything out. He's right, I have this type of floss too and it is amazing. I have not actually tried the brush since I have an electric. He loves the combination though. I was upset after I placed the order when I saw reviews and pics of the floss not having the feed through and snip area. I was like oh man he is too lazy to cut that with scissors that I planned on returning it when they came. And when I opened the package I was so happy to see they must have updated their floss to the standard vials that you see in other listings. He hasn't loss any bristles yet but it's to be expected it wood, it's not a plastic brush being fused to plastic bristles so of course over time they will drop out but this is a good price for what you are getting. And makes a nice gift for aomeone who has never seen anything like it before. And if you compost, it is good for nature to put back in what we took out.
laughingrice 09.11.2020
Great both for home and travel
I love this toothbrush, and the second my wife saw this her response was that it looks great. It comes with a very convenient and good looking case for travel which came in really useful. Bristles are just the right amount of softness, and I love the feel of the wood as opposed to a plastic toothbrush. The floss is also great compared to the one I've been using before which always broke in my
Sophia 09.11.2020
This is a great product, it looks really pretty but I was worried because the tooth brushes look really plain and I wasn’t sure how well it would clean my teeth, but it work perfectly well! My teeth feel very clean and it really is a really nice bundle deal. The floss isn’t amazing because it often will separate from one string into two while flossing and sometimes get caught. But for such a small snag it really isn’t a big deal considering how it helps the environment
legraf18 09.11.2020
Awesome Bamboo Toothbrushes!!
Love these toothbrushes! They are smooth and soft on your teeth. I pair them with Hello Activated Charcoal Chewable Toothpaste to add to my zero-waste hygienic routine and they are amazing. The charcoal floss is a little interesting. Since it’s actually 3-4 small strands of floss wrapped around each other, it looks like it’s fraying and can be hard to use. The little container it comes in is perfect and cuts the floss really well.
Edgar 09.11.2020
They are weightless and soft
My first time using a bamboo toothbrush and I must say, I enjoy this set. The esthetic of the brush is very appealing and cute. I personally enjoy the most how weightless they are, I didn't expect that. My second favorite of this set is the floss unlike most this did not tough at my teeth and also like that ist flavored. Over all I highly recommend thrush bristles are soft and the handle is smooth, so you get a nice bamboo toothbrush set and you also get the help the environment all at the same time.
James 09.11.2020
Wow! This makes a great gift! High quality.
The bamboo is very smooth. The toothbrush feels great in your hand, the case shuts firmly, and it comes with 30 meters of dental floss. No plastic wrapping like some other brands. This makes a great gift for someone environmentally conscientious. I will be gifting this to 4-5 different people. Please mark this review as helpful if you like the pictures.
SierraH 09.11.2020
Bristles are a little hard...
First, let me say I love the design and the feel of the brushes and the case, and I haven't yet tried the floss. However, I will say that the bristles are a little harder than what I'm used to and have made my gums bleed a bit in the couple of days I've been using them. May be because they are brand new still? Anyway, still 5 stars :)
margaret brizzolara 09.11.2020
Very, very happy with these (:
I'm so glad to have this set! I was a little worried about how it'd feel to use a wooden toothbrush, but it's absolutely fine, and I couldn't be happier with them. The toothbrushes feel very sturdy, and I love that each one has a different number of leaves on the front, presumably so you can tell them apart. I never would have thought of that, but it's a really nice feature! The bristles are fairly soft, but in a good way. The bamboo travel case is really smooth and shuts tightly - no worries about it coming open or snagging on clothes. The floss is great as well. I noticed a little splitting when I used it, but nothing that affected its functionality. And it smells so good! I spent a minute or two just sniffing it before actually flossing. The jar it comes in doesn't have one of those little cutting edges that your average floss has (not that I was expecting it to), and it's very strong, so you'll probably need to have something to cut it with. Anyway, would definitely recommend. I'm tempted to hoard all four for myself, but I suppose I can bring myself to share one or two. I'd been hesitant to convert to the bamboo brushes, but I just had to try one and I'm convinced!
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