Reusable Storage Bags (12 Pack)

Our reusable kitchen and travel food bags allow you to maintain the quality and freshness of your produce and snacks. Made from a non-carcinogenic PEVA material, our food bags are free from chlorine, BPA, and any other harmful chemicals.

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Fresher food for longer
Fresher food for longer
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
BPA and chemical-free
BPA and chemical-free
On-The-Go Snacking
On-The-Go Snacking

Our food bags are made from a revolutionary, non-carcinogen PEVA material that is highly resistant and long-lasting. A few of the benefits of the Greenzla reusable PEVA material are listed below.

  • Resistant to degradation and damage caused by extreme temperatures.
  • Doesn’t crack, peel, dry out, rot, or harden over time.
  • Lightweight and saves space for easy transportation.
  • Non-hazardous and 100% biodegradable.
  • Ethically sourced and produced through eco-friendly manufacturing.

Our PEVA BPA-free food bags are also easy to clean and maintain. Simply:

  1. Rinse or wipe for a quick clean.
  2. Wash alongside daily dishes for a deeper clean.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and or workmanship. If we discover a genuine defect or fault with your item we’ll then, based on normal usage, replace, repair, or refund your purchase for free – no questions asked.

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Leo 12.11.2020
Seem great, ordering a second set!
These seem great so far! I’ve used all the sizes for a variety of things including sandwiches, chips (bags get a little scratched up from chips but this just appears to be aesthetic at this point and I don’t think it impacts durability), frozen grapes (which thawed leaving a lot of water in the bag with no leaking), and veggies. I bought this entire set for what I paid for one Stasher bag. The Stasher does appear quite a bit more durable and they can be more widely used in the oven, boiling water etc but I could never afford to use only those as I convert my kitchen to mainly reusable bags. The SPLF bags definitely have a place in my kitchen as well. The true test will be long term durability. But for now I’m impressed enough to order another set!
Dylan 12.11.2020
Love the size and product quality
I purchased these to help my plastic bag usage. So far I am loving these bags! I am probably going to use these in the dishwasher, but I have not tried it yet. They are great snack sizes and sandwich size. I have used them for fruits/vegetables and chicken. Before purchasing this product, I would have my plastic baggy and label with a sharpie. I labeled this product with an expo marker so I can wipe it away and relabel.
Anthony 12.11.2020
I don't think I'll ever buy plastic bags again
I was so sick of throwing out sandwich and gallon bags left and right, it felt so wasteful. I was especially looking for bags that would do well in the freezer since I freeze meat after every grocery trip. I was surprised just how durable and secure these were. I love the variety in sizes. The only downside is that these are not dishwasher safe, but I just swish around some water and dish soap, rinse it out, then hang it on a water bottle to dry.
Gabriel 12.11.2020
So happy with them!
So far I like them very much! Perfect sizes, and very easy to use. The zipper is really good, and is completely leak proof! For drying after washing I put them over a bottle for a few hours, readjusting a few times, so all areas would get dry. Also, drying it with a towel first then putting it on a bottle makes it take A Lot faster! They do lose their shape a little bit, even after one use, and I'm thinking using them in a very hot day (in the shade) might have something to do with it. So far, I would definitely recommend!
Theodore 12.11.2020
Reducing waste with my durable, reusable bags
I purchased these bags because I always look for a reusable alternative: that's just the smarter way to live from and environmental and financial standpoint. I like these bags because they are durable and they do the job. I put the snack and sandwich bags in my lunchbox regularly, and the gallon bags are great in the freezer. I love the gallon bags because I really need those bags to hold up to some wear and tear and the throw-away kind just weren't holding up. The seals on these bags were good, and it's not hard to zip them closed. I've not stored any liquids in the bags, so I can't say whether or not they're leakproof. I recommend these bags.
Jayden 12.11.2020
Great way to ditch disposables!
These bags are GREAT! They're sturdy, roomy, and if you are sure that you closed them well - they don't leak. I forgot about pretzels in one of these bags for like 10 days and they were still crunchy! My only complaint is that they are hard to dry. These are handwash only but unlike a plastic disposable, they don't really stand up well enough to dry. I hang them over coffee go cups and use a towel to dry out the corners so they don't get mildew-y. Will never go back to the plastics, truly tho!
Isaac 12.11.2020
Good price
We like (almost) everything about these. The size availability is excellent, they seal very well, they can be used in the freezer ... then re-used over and over. They are ideal for taking lunches and snacks to work or school. We also use them for hiking, and they work perfectly for that. The only small drawback is that they can't be washed in the dishwasher. We can live with that, but it would be nice if we didn't have to hand wash them
Grayson 12.11.2020
Love them
I've had these now a few weeks and i use them every day. Tomatoes, snacks, avocado, anything, really. I havent tried liquid, but im pretty certain it would be fine. So much better than any others I've tried. These are soft, pliable containers. The ziplock or whatever you call it is super easy to open and close and very secure. I fill them q soapy water to wash them, so easy. All the other brands ive used have been either difficult to open or close and/or rigid and plasticky. These are so soft. I love them.
Luke 12.11.2020
Great quality!
I love these bags. I’m pretty eco friendly and have been slowly building my reusable bag collection and have tried a few brands. In the first pic, you’ll see a destroyed bag underneath. That is commonly what happens to the reusable ones, shape gets ruined, bag stained, etc., but this brand is amazing! The bag is so soft, seriously, smooth , easy to wash, holds its shape. In the second pic, is how I dry my bags when I wash them, get yourself a rack like this, it cost my $6.99... because you should not put your bags in the dishwasher review image
Julian 12.11.2020
Great for meal prep
I bought these to make freezer meals. They have held up well. I was a little worried the bag would open when I placed a gallon of beef stew in it and put it on its side in my freezer. It was a very full and very heavy meal!! I closed the door and told myself I wouldn’t open it for a hour or two. That way if the bag broke, the mess would be frozen and I could chip it off instead of having it spill on the floor. An hour later, it was exactly where I left it and that seal is perfect! I will be ordering more. Note: These are not to be filled with hot or warm food and have to hand washed with cold water. Not a big deal to me but it may affect your choice.
Aurora 12.11.2020
Great eco friendly option!
Very good bags, really like them so far! Fairly easy to clean, I just run them under hot water and scrub with dish soap. They will stain but that’s not that important to me. I haven’t had any leaks but I haven’t tried anything really liquid in them, mostly dry goods. Overall please with them. I searched all over and these seem to be the best deal with the best reviews so glad I found them!
Stella 12.11.2020
Silicone Food Storage Bags, Who Knew?
We didn't even know that silicone bags existed until we read an article about them. So we bought these based on price and variety of bag sizes. Now as far as food bags go these are expensive compared to the plastic types. However, if you are reading this you are probably concerned about the amount of plastic already in the environment so there is a massive benefit to buying reusable bags. We did wash out our plastic bags but we were a little concerned with how much plastic was leeching into our food on successive uses. And too many times, even on new bags, we would notice a hole in a corner or leaking at the seams. Not so with these silicone bags. They are REALLY thick! Although we have only had them for a short time they seem like they will be very durable and we're not worried about them getting beat up in a cooler full of ice and other stuff. They have a double ziplock so they should be liquid and air tight. So far we are very pleased and we're happy to be keeping even more plastic out of our ecosystems and food systems.
Zoe 12.11.2020
Best item I have ever bought....l no longer use plastic bags.
I use these bags for all my storage. When I unpack my produce I immediately trim and place in the appropriate sized bag and in the fridge (or freezer) they go. The produce stays fresh for over a week so I started using them for meats and seafood. I love that l can add a marinade without worrying about leakage. To clean, I simply squirt detergent into warm water and use a bottle sponge until clean and place the bag over 2 glasses to dry. If I need to defrost frozen items, l simply place a bag of frozen food into warm water and l can start cooking in an hour.
Lilian 12.11.2020
Better than I expected
These are much thicker and stronger than I expected. When I ordered I felt I'd use the sandwich size bags more than the snack bags. It turns out I use both of them more than I thought I would. Its really cut down on the amount of the one time use bags. I have not had any leaks at all and love them. My only complaint is that they are at times difficult to open but considering they don't leak to me that's a minor issue to deal with. The only other complaint I have is they are difficult to wash. They recommend washing them and putting them over a glass to dry. I find that doesn't really work and only drying them by hand gets them really dry. But again its really a small issue to have to contend with. Despite that I just purchased a second set. I do recommend them.
Violet 12.11.2020
Fruit and Veggie Packing
I just bought these to protect my fruit while fasting so it doesnt ruin before I could use it all. Im excited to see how they hold up. They are sturdy and leak free. Easy to rinse and clean. Im going to get more for my smoothie over the summer. If you need some food protector I would seriously consider these. Beautiful thing they take up little space and are stackable and you can road trip your snacks.
Ellie 12.11.2020
Genius! Love these!
We have been using these bags for almost 3 months. I intentionally reserved my review, to provide more accurate feedback based upon continued everyday use. Conclusion: We love these reusable, ziplock bags. It feels good to be environmentally-conscious, and be saving money at the same time. The seal is strong! So much so, that they're only easy to open with clean dry hands. Yes, of course more work to wash and reuse, but worth the effort. I DO USE LUKEWARM SOAPY WATER TO CLEAN AND RINSE, WITHOUT ISSUE. I would not use hot water, per the washing instruction, but using medium-warm water has not warped or compromised the performance of these bags, in our experience. Use common sense! Also, as with any plastic or other porous material, these are prone to tomato stain. I've added a tiny splash of bleach to the sudsy water, to remove any stains with success. I simply use the dishwasher rack as a simple means of air drying the bags. I bought enough bags to only necessitate washing them once a week, so no big deal. Totally worth it for our household! Genius. Would definitely buy again.
Lily 12.11.2020
Great reusable bags
If you are in the market for these, you'll find that there are MANY options for these on Amazon. I found a couple contenders but bought these because of the sizes, quantity, and price. I have bought reusable sandwich bags in the past, made out of, not sure, a teflon-y plastic material with velcro. They developed a smell over time, that I have not been able to get rid of, so I was looking for something NOT like those, but as equally environmentally friendly. It has only been about a month or so, but I'm really liking these. The plastic is durable and the "ziploc" closes securely. We've mostly used them to freeze overripe summer fruits and excess lunch/deli meat. They freeze well, don't leak, and seems like they reduce freezer burn (but we haven't had anything frozen in them long enough to know for sure). Sure, they are a pain to wash and dry, but no worse than washing a quality pot or pan and putting it on the rack to dry. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I don't know about the longevity and smells yet, but I thought a month of use was enough for a fair review.
Hazel 12.11.2020
Love them
These are exactly what I wanted and needed! The material is thick and the seal is snug. I will definitely be using these for food storage and traveling. Been trying to do my part in going green... I highly recommend this.
Hannah 12.11.2020
I really like them.
I am happy with these bags. They are easy to open and close. They are substantial and flexible. I have labeled one of them with a marker as MEAT, to keep it separate from my other stuff. So far I've used them for cheese slices, crackers, bacon, and a cut up lemon. After washing, I hang on top of a bottle to dry. I've only had them a couple of weeks, so I didn't comment on durability, but I think they will hold up.
Zoey 12.11.2020
Great reusable
Would be perfect if it was heat proof. Feels great to tuch. Looks stylish. Not clunky. They do have a bit of a tiny so it can be hard to distinguish between similar items from far away.
Carter 12.11.2020
Love it
If you’re looking to be more sustainable and less wasteful these are a great way to go. I’ve ordered a few from other sellers and these definitely gave me far more bang for my buck. Not only is the product well made but it came with a lovely note from the company explaining their beliefs on reducing plastic waste and thanking me for my business. It was a warm feeling to buy a product from a company that has the same hopes as I do for reducing plastic waste and to get an included message thanking me for my business as well. These also feel nicer to me than others I’ve ordered before and the sizes were perfect, I went with the biggest bundle they offered. The seal on the bags are definitely well made and I doubt and snacks will manage to escape these bags. I tested their ability to retain liquids as well while I was washing them just for the heck of it and boy howdy let me tell you what, when these things are closed, they are not playing around with keeping their contents contained. The only issue I had, which really isn’t an issue at all was they are hard for me to open sometimes because of how good their seal is. But I have bad hands so even regular store bought bags were difficult for me sometimes. Long story short I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be recommending these to some of my other eco conscious friends. 10/10 would buy again.
Wyatt 12.11.2020
A great alternative to throwing away plastic
I'm not a hard core environmentalist, but I recycle. Looking at all of the plastic we were throwing away in the house made me look at these bags. I have started packing my lunch for work and these fit the bill for what I need. They're durable and easy to clean. If I use them throughout the year, then I'll probably even save money.
John 12.11.2020
Durable and large
I have bought these before for my husband's lunch and trust me they have been abused but they hold up wonderfully. I bought more because after a year my husband has managed to lose most of the ones we had but as far as performance they did great. No holes, zip close works perfect still and easy to clean I love that they fit even his big sandwich slices (pepperidge farms hearty white slices) I added a picture of an average size banana again all 3 sizes for comparison.
David 12.11.2020
The bags are more beautiful than the old ones I purchased before. The zipper is redesigned and is much easier to open and close. The leakproof performance is excellent as always. I use them to pack sandwiches and snacks for my kids and store producers in fridge. I also find that the snack bag size is great for storing travel items. There're so many ways to use these bags, I'm glad that they have 12 pcs in one set.
James McCann 09.11.2020
Great Bags
I really like these bags. I've nought three sets now, and I never use one-use bags anymore. Not dishwasher safe, but very durable in fridge or freezer. I have not used them with liquids, but the seals have remained tight over last six months.
The Wardrobe Stylist 09.11.2020
Perfect for a day at the beach or for a hike
I really love the fact that they are reusable as I was looking for an alternative to bulky tupperware and wasteful ziplock bags. This was the perfect combo of both, small and compact and leak-proof. I took it to the beach with me where I put some nectarines in it that became mushy by the end of the day yet nothing leaked from them and all was contained within the bag. Just make sure to properly close the bag and you're good to go. Washing the residue from the fruit was really easy with just dish soap and water.
LIFTAMIND 09.11.2020
Great bags all around
These are some fantastic little life savers. From the packaging to the bag themselves, Greenzla offers a great every day use product at a great price. I use these for work, mainly - It was about time to ditch the 500 packs of single-use Ziploc bags. The texture and feel of this durable plastic makes the bags feel way pricier than they really are. I don't have any complaints about anything to do with the company or this product. I do however have a suggestion - If these BPA free bags are microwave approved, Greenzla should write that somewhere in their description.
Natalie Nicole Hylton 09.11.2020
Great environmentally conscious food storage option
I ordered the Greenzla I reuseable ziplocked bags and it was delivered the very next day. I loved that it came in different sizes ( full size and snack sized) and that it is not made of flimsy material. My only negative is that the bags have a slight scent (not unpleasant) that can transfer to the food items you place inside the bags, so make sure you wash them thoroughly and dry them prior to use.
KG 09.11.2020
Great reusable bags
I'm very pleased with these bags. I've always used disposable bags and am trying to make sure I only use reusable ones now. I've been using these for vegetables and berries, they keep everything fresh and crisp. They are easy to clean and I haven't noticed the smell from food staying with the bags.
Raini Amara 09.11.2020
Extremely satisfied
I've been trying my best to try and do my part for our environment and with these products, I feel with the help of these products, I can somewhat fullfil that! Extremely durable and really lightweight! So happy I'm able to help out the owners of this small brand!