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Bamboo Toothbrushes (12 Pack)

We’ve put together the perfect pack of 12 charcoal bamboo toothbrushes, charcoal and mint-essence dental floss in its own glass jar plus a bamboo toothbrush case for easy, clean and neat storage and travel. This 100% natural dental kit is gentle enough to be used by all members of the family to improve and maintain oral hygiene.

$7.99 USD
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Smooth Natural Bamboo
Smooth Natural Bamboo
Charcoal Activated Brisltes
Charcoal Activated Brisltes
12 Durable Toothbrushes

The design is robust and durable, with each toothbrush lasting up to 12-months of use. What’s more, every pack features 12 bamboo toothbrushes, making this a cost-effective way to keep the family brushing.


To maintain your toothbrushes, remember the basic guidelines below.

  1. Rinse off before first use.
  2. After every brush, rinse thoroughly under cold or warm water.
  3. Always air dry and ensure the bristles are clear of any debris and foods.
  4. Store in the secure tube holder when traveling.
Smooth and Natural Bamboo Handle

Our wooden toothbrushes aren’t just soft on your teeth, but also in your hands. The comfortable handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for an added level of convenience.


Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and or workmanship. If we discover a genuine defect or fault with your item we’ll then, based on normal usage, replace, repair, or refund your purchase for free – no questions asked.

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Mateo 12.11.2020
Easy and worthwhile plastic-free switch
My fiance and I are working on going plastic-free, and toothbrushes seemed like an important step to use. Although the bristles are nylon, it is still better than plastic in my opinion. The bristles are sturdy but soft, and the whole tooth brush is a great size and shape. The bristles hold their shape better than the average plastic toothbrush bristles, and they are charcoal coated or something. You don't get black stuff on your teeth from it, but I think it's supposed to help with whitening. I don't really care about whitening so I haven't noticed if these do that. For the 4 pack, these are probably a better value than a plastic toothbrush. They feel better, and seem to be lasting longer, and they aren't plastic. If I cant find a brand that uses a natural bristle, I will definitely be buying these again.
Levi 12.11.2020
Plastic is evil! These are the best toothbrushes around!
My mom is spoiled now too, on these delightful brushes. Super Soft bristles. She doesn't use toothpaste even, because the charcoal bristles are cleansing. I can smell the plastic on my breathe when I use a normal, new Plastic toothbrush. I feel plastic is not safe (messes with hormones) and plastic never goes away from the environment. Buy quality, live cleaner. These are wonderful!
Joseph 12.11.2020
Will order again :)
I bought the four pack for myself and before I could even try one (I was getting all the wear out of my last plastic tooth brush I could), my boyfriend asked if he could have one and he loves it! I have since used them and I am just as much of a fan. I’ve had charcoal tooth brushes before and never really noticed that they did anything for the color of my teeth, but I do notice a little something with this one. Aside from that I love the fact that the packaging and handle are biodegradable! My only “complaint” would be that the bristles are actually not very soft. I don’t mind this however, but if that is a consideration for you I have to mention they have made my gums bleed a few times.
Matthew 12.11.2020
Good Toothbrush
Wanting to try to make more environmentally friendly choices, I decided to give these toothbrushes a try as they had good ratings. I'm glad that I've tried them - the bristles are soft, yet strong enough to clean teeth, and the bamboo feels nice and not rough. My teeth feel just as clean as they did when using my good old Oral B brushes. The only drawback for me is that the tip of the brush hits the back of my mouth slightly uncomfortably when I'm brushing the back of my tongue, but I'm sure I'll figure that one out. That's the reason for the 4 star rating of softness. 5 stars for everything else. As the family needs to replace their brushes, they'll change over to these as well.
Sam 12.11.2020
Soft, Comfortable, and Effective
I bought these toothbrushes a while back as a way of reducing my waste. I was really unsure what to expect but was very excited because of how affordable they were and we all know how expensive trying to go more waste free can be. When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the bamboo was and how soft the bristles were. I didn't use them right away, as I had some other toothbrushes I was trying to get through first as to not waste them. I have been using the first brush regularly now for about two weeks and I absolutely love it. After about a week and a half, some of the bristles popped out of one of the clusters and it sort of made me cringe a little because it was unexpected. But once I realized what was going on and the whole toothbrush wasn't falling apart, it didn't bother me much. A small price to pay for something more eco-friendly. My boyfriend isn't much of a fan of the bamboo against his cheek and I agree, it's a little hard to get used to. But once you do, it's no problem at all. My teeth feel clean, the toothbrushes are comfortable and soft to use, and they are something I will definitely continue to purchase. They even have little engraved numbers on them so you can keep track of which toothbrush is yours! :)
Owen 12.11.2020
Honestly nicer than regular plastic brushes. I’ll be using these from now on, no reason not to!
Very nice and comfy. The bristles are gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my gums when I brush for longer periods of time, so I feel like I get a more thorough clean than the plastic brushes I used before. It seems actually to clean easier, too, in that there’s a lot less toothpaste residue left on it when it dries. Honestly I see no reason to use any other toothbrush now that I know these work well. These are cleaner, cheaper, and overall much friendlier with cardboard packaging and completely biodegradable components. Every little step towards reducing plastic consumption and disposal counts!
Riley 12.11.2020
Awesome pack!
I love these. If you are used to hard bristles these will seem soft to you. I find they work great on my teeth and are gentle on my gums. Highly recommend
Nora 12.11.2020
An Easy Alternative to the Plastic Problem
My first attempt with a bamboo toothbrush and it felt odd at first since the handle is rough compared to a normal plastic brush. However, after a week that roughness went away and it's been a pleasure to use these brushes. The bristles aren't the softest but they don't feel harsh or abrasive. Instead I would characterize them as 10% stiffer than a regular soft toothbrush. Not a significant factor if you are debating getting these due to their softness. With the amount of plastic splashing into the ocean, inundating landfills and slowly decomposing for eons into our soil, a change this easy is a no brainer. With a four pack, and each one numbered for identification, this is one convenience that isn't a detriment to our environment. This is an easy one. Get them.
Grace 12.11.2020
Truly amazing product!!!
My favorite toothbrush I’ve ever had!!! I love the size of the head, it’s not too small making it difficult to get your back molars. The design of the bristles is really nice too. It is lower in the middle and higher on the outer rim giving you a wonderful under the gum line brush. Soft bristles which I love!!! They are even numbered so you don’t get confused with family members. Idk what people are talking about the bristles fall out.... they are just brushing to hard which causes gum line recession anyway. Your brushing away bacteria not soap scum.
Eleanor 12.11.2020
Help the environment with quality and style
Clean and stylish. Feels very lightweight. Even though I have used electric and fancy toothbrushes, I feel like I get a better clean and it is easier on my sensitive teeth. It comes in a pack of four so tooth brushes for a year! Well worth the value. And they help the environment and are vegan friendly. Arrived very quickly. Wish I had switched to these sooner.
Madison 12.11.2020
I love these tooth brushes
I love these tooth brushes!! You'd be surprised at how soft they are compared to regular plastic toothbrushes but you find out just how amazing they are because of how clean your teeth feel afterwards. The best part is that it's all eco friendly!
Victoria 12.11.2020
great product
I just tried this for the first time yesterday. I can't say I noticed my teeth any whiter but that's not why I purchased this toothbrush. Besides the fact it is eco friendly even the packaging it combats bacteria growth on the brush head as well as the handle. Charcoal and bamboo are natural materials that help prevent this which is great in a product such as a toothbrush that's sits on the counter in a bathroom and you use in your mouth. Great packaging as well. Each toothbrush comes in it's own box so you can store them for later. You should change your toothbrush every 3 months.
Chlioe 12.11.2020
Soft bristles and ecofriendly
I like that these come in a pack of four so you can replace your brush after a while or after a cold. Also that they're labeled with numbers, so I don't mix mine up with my boyfriend's. I bought them because they're more ecofriendly, I just wish the bristles weren't nylon. The bristles tips get in between my teeth well, and they feel soft but also like they're "working" my gums a bit which is a good thing. I feel like my mouth is cleaner than with regular toothbrushes. Thicker pastey toothpaste has a tendency to get stuck in the bottom of the bristles but I've been using a different kind instead. I'll update this review after a while to see how the bristles and handle are holding up after some time.
Layla 12.11.2020
LOVE LOVE these!!
I'm in love with these toothbrushes. I know it's a little silly to feel so strongly about a TOOTHBRUSH, but as they are 100% sustainable AND they clean my teeth better than ANY TOOTHBRUSH I'VE EVER USED, I'm pretty excited about this find! And the bristles are SO SOFT. Wonderful. 😍
Penelope 12.11.2020
Different than I'm used to, but pretty great
I've seen a bunch of reviews stating how these bristles are really soft or too soft...I do not agree. These are not as soft as the "soft" toothbrushes I've purchased in the past. I as worried at first that they would be too hard, but the narrow shape and stiffness of the bristles seems to be really effective at cleaning along the gum line and between teeth without being too hard for my sensitive gums. Since using these, I feel like the ph of my mouth stays fresher longer and my teeth are whiter. It's hard to get used to the feeling of the wood against my cheek, so I might try coating the backs of them with beeswax to make it smoother, but otherwise I'm pretty hooked on these eco friendly and deep cleaning toothbrushes.
Scarlett 12.11.2020
I was skeptical, but always hated the waste of plastic brushes. WOW! They have a nice finish, so the wood doesn't "stick" like you'd expect. The bristles are incredibly soft, as my dentist recommended, and SO fine! It takes less effort to clean between teeth, because the bristles get in deeper, but don't hang up; or shed. They are also quite small, like the nicer brand-name brushes- so you can reach further back. I will be purchasing these again, and again.
Libi 09.11.2020
Great item
found the eco-friendly toothbrush !! after looking a lot for this kind of product I must say this is great !! the bristles are soft and have a beautiful design. love the idea of zero waste after using them. keep doing good to our planet
Jamie Osman 09.11.2020
Super well-packaged and Versatile!
I'm so happy to have received this set of bamboo toothbrushes in the mail! I've been wanting a bamboo holder for the longest time, but I've always found them to be overpriced. This company makes their products so easy and affordable. I truly love the effort they're making with environmentally-sustainable products, as well as how fast/ efficient the shipping is!
Anna 09.11.2020
Great Option
These toothbrushes are great. They come in sustainable packaging which i appreciate and the travel case is nice as long as it stays dry (otherwise it expands a bit making the cap difficult to get on&off). I’m use to using very soft brushes so my gums were sore for about a week while i adjusted but now i love them!
Valerie 09.11.2020
Perfect would purchase again and for a friend.
This is the cutest "eco-friendly" kit I ever gotten! The case to hold the toothbrush is very sleek and closes perfectly. The floss! The floss!! Its black like my soul and mint to perfection on my teeth. I would have liked the top part to have something to cut it with but overall very good( I just use scissors) I have not finish off my plastic toothbrush yet so I'm not intererly sure on the brushes themselves but once I do I will review that part as well.
palack 09.11.2020
this is the first time using wooden brush its amazing worth buy
Agustin urioste 09.11.2020
Never going back
Love the toothbrushes. I have a family of 7 and all the kids are in love with their new toothbrush as well. Quality product and I love the natural feel and look of them. Glad we found a way to be less wasteful for our planet. The bristles are so soft I'm bragging to my fellow crunchi mom friends. Great product. Keep up the good work :)
sivan 09.11.2020
Economic and efficient
Been using for two weeks, my teeth still feel so clean when I brush!!! The bamboo handle is very easy to hold and is non slip. Bristles are firm but soft on gums. I really feel like they're flossing while I'm brushing. My teeth feel super smooth. Great price, I won't have to buy another 12 pack for a year, maybe more. My previous tb came in a 2 pack for the same price, some were more expensive even, so I know this was a really good deal. They look like they won't disappoint over time.