Kids Bamboo Toothbrushes (6 Pack)

Our kid’s packages feature 6 individual bamboo toothbrushes that are designed to engage children and get them excited about brushing their teeth. Eco-Friendly, Natural Bamboo Toothbrush set.

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Smooth Natural Bamboo
Smooth Natural Bamboo
Charcoal activated bristles
Charcoal activated bristles
Eco-Friendly Oral Hygiene

Made from natural materials, both our kid’s bamboo toothbrushes and packaging so you can stay on top of your children’s dental hygiene and environmental impact.


To maintain your toothbrushes, remember the basic guidelines below.

  1. Rinse off before first use.
  2. After every brush, rinse thoroughly under cold or warm water.
  3. Always air dry and ensure the bristles are clear of any debris and foods.
  4. Store in the secure tube holder when traveling.
Quality You Can Trust

Greenzla’s zero waste products are made from high-quality materials that are friendly to the environment. Our additional 100% money-back guarantee allows you to shop freely in the knowledge that you won’t lose out if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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Jessica 14.10.2021
My teeth are happier!
This is a great product and the packaging and product design is elegant, simple, and joyful. Simple, because the source, bamboo, is very easy to cultivate. Joyful, because less plastic and more natural beauty. There's a different number of leaves on each of the 4 brushes, so each person gets their own number of leaves, elegant! The bristles are helping my teeth stay cleaner, and also, because it is so much more pleasant to brush with, I am much more likely to brush my teeth more often. Love them. Those beautiful brush holders in the current product are well over the top and may become collector's items if the company makes big waves in sales! This is just about the only company that also has environmentally sustainable floss, another plus. Highly recommend.
Product tester3 09.11.2020
Love the product. The dental floss is the best
Really love the product. I especially a big fan of the dental floss. Comparing other charcoal dental floss, this one is thicker and smoother and catch residues in mouth thoroughly. i am trying to find a way to reorder the dental floss only but no luck yet. It seems it is only available as a package purchase.
Rebekah 09.11.2020
Soft, smooth, and all around, awesome!
These brushes are soft, and the wood is smooth. The travel case has two holes (top and bottom) to allow for the brush to breathe. I honestly forgot it came with floss, and when I saw it, it was like a tiny present. Lol On the floss: the container has a hole in the top to thread the floss through, and there is a little cutting thing. It's not slippy, like most floss, so you'll get a pretty good grip on it. It's not rough on your gums, either. Will definitely be ordering again.
Ashley Sorrondeguy 09.11.2020
Great for my teeth and the environment!
Not only does this toothbrush make my teeth feel very clean, they are good for the environment! Did you know that it takes up to 400 years for a plastic toothbrush to breakdown?! Bamboo toothbrushes are compostable. It is sleek enough for travel and came with a beautiful bamboo travel case. Not only is the toothbrush compostable but the packaging is as well. It is really important to me that I buy products from companies that have the earths well being in mind. Will be buying more of these for the whole family and friends to get them to transition to plastic free dental care. Really love these toothbrushes. The bristles are soft and they clean so well!
George 09.11.2020
nice and soft.
Really nice, soft toothbrushes for kids. Nice small size for little hands and little teeth.
Excellent quality 09.11.2020
My toddler loves it! Very good quality. Durable Toothbrushes . Great Handel for little hands.
Megan M 09.11.2020
Good size for kids
Good little size I’m using big bamboo brush this one is right size for kids . I’m trying to use natural eco things
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