Bamboo Cutlery set

Featuring bamboo eating utensils, a bamboo straw, and an exclusive charcoal activated toothbrush, our bamboo utensil travel pack includes everything you’ll need when you’re on the go.

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Lightweight and naturally durable
Lightweight and naturally durable
Organically anti-microbial and Stain-resistant
Organically anti-microbial and Stain-resistant
Sustainably sourced bamboo packaging
Sustainably sourced bamboo packaging
100% biodegradable and reusable
100% biodegradable and reusable
Maintenance and Recycling

An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans every year, and over 40 billion plastic utensils are used and discarded in the US alone. Our reusable travel utensils are crafted from stalks of bamboo, making them easy to maintain and recycle.


To clean your utensils, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Boil bamboo cutlery in a vinegar and salt blend before their first use.
  2. After every use, rinse them under water and clean out your straw using the brush provided.
  3. Air dry in a well-ventilated space.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and or workmanship. If we discover a genuine defect or fault with your item we’ll then, based on normal usage, replace, repair, or refund your purchase for free – no questions asked.

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Aiden 12.11.2020
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best. I take it everywhere I go!
Comes with a fork, spoon, knife, chop sticks, straw, straw cleaner. Durable case, plus a clip to hook on to your bag.
Jack 12.11.2020
Worth the $, great gifts.
These are exponentially better than ones I’ve spend significantly more money on (4x the amount). They come with a straw, a cleaning brush, a serrated knife, a carabiner. Amazing. They make great gifts for friends you’re trying to convince to stop using single use plastic!!
Sebastian 12.11.2020
Nice set with everything I could need
My family enjoys visiting food festivals but didn't like the amount of plastic utensils we were throwing out. This set has everything for any type of food. We made a small bag that I can clip onto a belt loop. We use whatever utensil is needed, give it a quick rinse of water to clean it, store in the bag, and are off to the next spot. The straw has actually gotten the most use. Overall has been a great set with no complaints.
Jackson 12.11.2020
I love how small they get when they ar rolled up into the cloth case! Takes absolutely a very small amount of space so it makes it easier to carry around. I bought metal straws and I’ve always seem to forget to carry them around with me and when i found these i HAD to buy them! Definitely buying more :) so happy with them!!!
Logan 12.11.2020
Great No Waste Gift
Got these as stocking stuffer gifts for my family. They were a but thrown off by them but loved the idea, and the designs of the cute little bags they come in. I carry mine with me most places. The only "con" to these is the bamboo straw, which can leave little bamboo particles in your drink, or in your mouth when you drink from it. Maybe theres a way to stop this, but i just replaces it with my stainless steel straw. Love the utensils, so cute and convenient, but i recommend washing them immediately after use, otherwise they smell like whatever food you last ate with them, for a while.
Daniel 12.11.2020
Environmentally friendly an durable
Love love love these. I have a metal silverware phobia. I do not ever touch or us them. I hated using plastic all the time because of them not being environmentally friendly. These are perfect for me. I can carry them with me anywhere I go in the nice little carry case each set has with them. They are 100 times stronger then plastic. I can cut up anything with this. There are nice groves in knife to cut. The spoon an fork are very strong and easy to clean as well. Love that it has a nice set of chop sticks as well and a bamboo straw with a straw cleaner in each case.
Jacob 12.11.2020
A unique gift
Made an effort to reduce my use of plastics and so happy that this pack came in a set of 4 so that I can have my friends make an effort too! My favorite is the straw bc I use it the most. It’s is nicely sealed so there’s no bad taste from the bamboo. Only complaint is that I wish the spoon has a curve on the handle so it wouldn’t be so award to use.
Michael 12.11.2020
I love the idea of having my own utensils instead of using plastic ones at work. This set is super cute and hasn’t everything you need. The only thing that I would complain about, and I don’t know if this is every bamboo set, but the silverware seems a little unfinished, like some wood could splinter off...other than that great and use everyday for lunch
Henry 12.11.2020
Excellent article, to take care of the planet.
I liked it very much, thank you and I hope to buy more in the future
Alex 12.11.2020
Small but work
Small but work as described
Aria 12.11.2020
High qualityReusable Portable straw and Utensils
I received my package as I have been studying antibacterial organic products. The utensils are made to perfection and quality with no visible defects even as unique as the product is. The straw is sturdy and comes with cleaning brush. I carry it with me as I dislike not getting a straw when I purchase a drink. They came in an easy to carry pouch with its own compartments and its not heavy. I plan on using my own utensils and help save the planet.
Mila 12.11.2020
Will be using this product mainly for camping trips!
Avery 12.11.2020
Perfect Gift for Traveler!
Perfect for an individual leaving for the Peace Corp in Rwanda!! She loved it!!
Sofia 12.11.2020
Bamboo Utensils
I love these utensils. I wanted to cut down on the plastic disposable products that I use, and this is the perfect way to do it.
Luna 12.11.2020
It’s bamboo afterall
I love to use bamboo utensils when I cook because they never get too hot or scratch surfaces. This set provides great variety as well as organization in the roll but the tools themselves are a little short.
Camilla 12.11.2020
Earth friendly
Love this set! I actually use it at work to cut back on the use of plastic utensils!
Ella 12.11.2020
Great set for work lunches
Love these! I keep these in my desk at work and use them for lunches. I like that they fit neatly into their own roll up so I don’t have a bunch of loose utensils in my desk. They are easy to clean.
Emily 12.11.2020
These are super cute! I bought this set to compare to another set on Amazon to determine which I liked better and this one is heads above. I have a straw/utensil case that I wanted to put the set in, but I like the case it came with so much, I'm reluctant to switch cases. The case even came with a mini compass attached :)
Abigail 12.11.2020
Well done set!
Really well done set. High quality feels at the first touch. Everything as in the discription. 100% satisfied. Can’t wait to actually use it on the trail!
XiMai 09.11.2020
Very Happy
Very happy with the products. Looks clean and sleek and I like that it has a cover on top to cover used, dirty utensils. Lightweight and easy to carry around. They look a bit thin and flimsy but overall great product.
Keona 09.11.2020
Great to carry
I like having this set with me. I gave one of them to my mother as it comes with 2 sets. She keeps it in the car, I keep my set in my purse. This is perfect as I don't like using the utensils at restaurants. The straw is a perfect length. I did have to get used to the size of the fork, the spoon is good and I love the charcoal toothbrush. It is my fav. Plus it comes with a tool to clean the bamboo straw. Really good set to have in your purse, travel bag or car.
Teresa Edmondson 09.11.2020
These utensils actually work!
I was curious how I would like them, how they would hold up, and if I would use them. 5 stars across the board. I got this over Christmas and have already used them 15-20 times in 2020 - less plastic landfill already. Love the bamboo straw with cleaner, the knife and fork really do work, and two spoon sizes has been very handy. The roll up canvass carriers keeps all together in my purse, ready to use whenever there's a need. And will be washable when the time comes. I just rinse them off after use - or if not near water, wipe them down with a napkin, put them back in the carrier and clean when I get home. Sometimes honestly I forget to clean them, but just wiping them down seems to do the trick in a pinch. Of course, I am the only one using this particular set:). Gave them as xmas presents too! Would definitely buy this particular set again. Also, I plan to use food grade oil to wipe them down from time to time to keep them in top notch shape.
GK 09.11.2020
Great sustainable alternative to disposable cutlery
These are good quality bamboo utensils. It’s a pack of two sets, the storage bag is well made and is fabric (easy to clean in the washing machine). It’s quite compact when rolled and each utensils and the toothbrush have the stamp of the brand logo which is a cute detail. I thought it was pretty clever to pair this on-the-go set of cutlery with a toothbrush, which I can carry in another pouch with a toothpaste. Perfect set for taking to the office every day! I liked there are two sizes of spoon and also chopsticks and a straw (and a brush to clean the straw!). It’s definitely very complete set and perfect especially if you’re transitioning now from single use utensils and don’t have any reusable ones yet! The spoons and fork do have a slight curve but since they are made of bamboo, they obviously won’t be like metal or plastic utensils. All cutlery are smaller than regular cutlery, similar to the size of disposable ones. The chopsticks felt a bit smaller than what one usually gets at restaurants but just for a tad. It was not uncomfortable for me using them and I was very pleased with the knife that did a great job when I tested it at a barbecue place. It cut the brisket and rib just fine. I think these are very good and affordable products. No excuse for using plastic forks anymore!
Nathaniel Williams, Jr. 09.11.2020
Worth the purchase!
Great set and very usable! My wife is very happy with the set.
Lucas Guin 09.11.2020
Amazing, unique quality and packaging
I love this product! Super great plastic-free packaging. Excited to be taking these up with me to college! Amazing price for very high quality! Fork is a bit thick, but it works great once you try it out! 10/10 !!
Phillip Smith 09.11.2020
I like it
I like these wooden utensils. After using them, you realize how uncomfortable it is sticking metal utensils in your mouth. The only thing that's a little hard is the spoon and fork are flatter and don't have that curve that regular metal utensils have near the mouth piece. Overall, I like them a lot.