Reusable Cotton Pads (20 Pack)

Our Bamboo cotton make-up removal pads are the perfect way to gently cleanse your skin. Eco-friendly and waste-free, our packs of 20 pads contain everything you need for your ideal beauty regimen.

$12.99 USD
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Eco-Friendly and Zero-Waste
Eco-Friendly and Zero-Waste
Natural Bamboo & Organic Cotton
Natural Bamboo & Organic Cotton
Machine Washable
Machine Washable
Chic Reusable Case
Chic Reusable Case
What's in the Box?

Each Reusable Face Pads set includes:

  • 20 reusable make-up remover pads
  • Recyclable storage case
  • Cotton washing bag

After use, just follow these simple cleaning instructions to return your pads to their former glory.

  1. Soak in warm water and mix with laundry detergent.
  2. Leave to soak for at least 5 – 10 minutes.
  3. Place them in the organic cotton laundry sack.
  4. Machine wash at a 40 – 60ºC heat.
  5. Air dry or hang dry for best results.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and or workmanship. If we discover a genuine defect or fault with your item we’ll then, based on normal usage, replace, repair, or refund your purchase for free – no questions asked.

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Louvenia 29.10.2021
5/5, great product, super fast shipping.
Harris 29.10.2021
This came very fast. Pads are thick and seem to be of a very nice quality. The downside is they take a bit to dry out. Other than that, I’m very happy with the purchase.
Roxanne 20.10.2021
Great product! So soft and feels good against my face!
Sonia 15.10.2021
very soft!
Item itself was nice. The pads are very soft! Reason for not giving 5 stars though was that the packaging wasn’t stable enough :( so the storage container was slightly smashed and I can’t get it back to its originally round shape.
Kellee 15.10.2021
Earth friendly packaging
These are super soft and well made. Received pretty quickly and earth friendly packaging. I recommended these to my daughter and she will be purchasing as well.
Valentina 15.10.2021
Super soft and high quality. The shipping was way quicker than expected.
Bernard 14.10.2021
Soft and Easy to clean.
the product is soft and easy to clean. Comparing to the cotton pads, the two layers of this pad drags separately when you apply lotion on face.
Jamika 14.10.2021
Super soft and double ply
Super soft and Double ply
Kandice 14.10.2021
Good Value
use them less as makeup remover pads and more for everyday toner pads/cotton pads. They work very well and are a good value. The bag they come with to keep the dirty ones away from the clean one is very very very useful and makes them easy to clean. Recommend for all skincare and makeup fans who need an affordable, sustainable travel-friendly option~
Beth 13.10.2021
Lovely things
I love these little pads! They arrived sooner than I expected and were packaged really well. They are so soft and lovely but they also clean my face very well. I just put them in a mesh bag and throw them in with my regular laundry. They hold up beautifully . Very much worth the money and I highly recommend them.
Dessie 12.10.2021
Such a great alternative to cotton pads!
These arrived as pictured! They're super soft and do a great job at removing my make up with a cleansing balm. They don't pull, or tug, and come with a mesh bag that makes washing with laundry a breeze. I've been wanting to decrease needless waste but hadn't found reusable pads that did the work. These are definitely it and at such a great pricepoint!!
MaryLou Ortiz 11.10.2021
Not very absorbent
It takes a little while for the liquid to absorb, but it’s better than using single use cotton pads!
QueenOfGeeks 11.10.2021
These are fine. Just fine. I wasn't able to get the Mascara off with bleach, so some are now permanently stained. What you'll like is that these are easy to find in the laundry with the green rim (I got all black before and I couldn't find any after the wash...)
Marshall L. 11.10.2021
Nice product.
Nice product but wish they were bigger.
Minnesota Mimi 11.10.2021
they are good for the planet and better for my skin
I like the fact that they are reusable and good for your skin
Analise 11.10.2021
Don't waste time buying cotton pads - BUY THESE!
I am so happy with this product! These pads are so soft and do the job. I use them to remove my makeup with some micellar water and the result is great. I no longer waste my money on cotton pads, I reuse these again and again!
Osvaldo 10.10.2021
One of my favorite Amazon finds!
This has been my absolute favorite Amazon find! I love how they are always there, and you never have to run to the store. All you have to do is wash them, and that’s it. I do personally prefer to hand wash and air dry. I feel like they will hold up longer doing it that way. I tend to use these for witch hazel and micellar water, and they are excellent for that reason!
Consuelo 10.10.2021
Sustainable and Clean
This is an amazing soft products. It's like mini pillows for your face. If you ever slept on bamboo pillows (the firm one) it is the same material and holds up well in washer and dryer. My Face is incredibly clean after I use these with everything from makeup removal to even morning or night cleansing.
Reggie 08.10.2021
These are wonderful!
I have used them a for several months and love them! I used them to apply toner. I am not sure how well they clean if used for makeup removal or nailpolish removing.
Aracely 08.10.2021
Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this article and the rest of the site is really good.
Tanisha 07.10.2021
very soft
These pads are very soft. A bit resistant to cleansers, so you have to really soak them. Overall, pretty good.
Sharon Ferguson 11.11.2020
Reusability, softness
This is the greatest if you want to try and save the planet which everyone should. You get a lot of pads. They are so soft. It usually takes 2-3 pads Then you put the dirty ones in a little drawstring net bag and throw in washing machine.
Jean 11.11.2020
So much better than disposable!
I bought these for my teenage daughter and she loves them! She's been using them for two weeks and didn't get them washed before she ran out and had to go back to the disposable cotton pads. She said the Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads feel better on her skin than disposable and she likes cutting down on waste. This 20-pack gets washed about one a week. Great product!
Jessica Beltran 11.11.2020
Amazing! High quality and super soft!
I am in love with this reusable pads, I had already heard amazing things about them and they didn’t prove me wrong. They super soft and absorbent and I already gave them the first wash after using them and they are back to looking brand new. Best of all I’m not being wasteful and helping the environment!
Brianna V. 11.11.2020
Best reusable makeup removers!
Game changer! I use too many cotton pads, cost adds up and not great for the environment. I tried these and they are amazing! My face feels so smooth i used it with my face wash and it gently and effectively removed my makeup AND makeup! Now i won’t have to use eye makeup remover... total game changer... plus the bag to wash them is so convenient and 20 pads will last me forever! Great product!
Carolynrachel 11.11.2020
Great pads for face cleansing
I love these pads. I use them to clean my face in the morning. I put a little face oil on them with water. They are sturdy, soft, and better than a large washcloth. They're perfect! I like the little wash bag that comes with them as well.
Bas Janssen 11.11.2020
I can't say anything bad about it
They thought of everything with this one. I was sold on the product firstly cuz it's green and reusable, but once I got it it was just pro after pro after pro... no con! They are super soft, but still durable enough to clean everything up. The mesh bag makes it extremely easy to store and then extremely easy to wash them all together. The fact that they're reusable meaning you don't have to buy bag after bag from Walgreens or something is amazing. This just made my daily life easier in one simple little bag. Such great range of products with the consumer and planet at heart.
Brianna 11.11.2020
Favorite reusable pads so far!! Highly recommend!
These are perfect. I have been telling friends and family about them. No more buying disposable, and wasting money. Now I can throw them in the wash in the bag that comes with it, and I'm ready to go for weeks again. The set is very cute too.
Julia King 11.11.2020
No more wasting money on disposable.
THESE ARE AWESOME!!! there are plenty so that I'm not running out when some are dirty.. the packet they came in is a small drawstring bag that can definitely be repurposed! Super gentle on my face and I love that they're white so I can see what I'm getting off of my skin. Cotton on both sides makes it possible to use more than once!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND - especially at this price
Customer 11.11.2020
Highly recommended!
Very nice product. Great quality. The packaging of this product is really amazing and I really do appreciate that it is all non plastic. The pads are very soft and very easy to use and clean Highly recommended !
Teresa 11.11.2020
Convenient and no-waste!
These little rounds are lovely! Far superior to any disposable cotton round you could buy. Bigger, softer and so gentle on your skin. I've used them with cleanser, micellar water and toner. They're easy to wash and dry in the bag that's included. You'll love them!
Gelesus 11.11.2020
Great for face cleaning and exfoliating.
This is fantastic for washing your face. I can use and reuse it (I clean it with boiling water and mild soap and let it air dry). It’s soft enough to remove makeup from around the eyes but still has enough to it that it exfoliates my skin gently. This product is fantastic.
Customer 11.11.2020
Get these pads! You won’t be disappointed.
The pads are really soft and easy to clean. It lathers up nicely and very gentle on my face. Only thing I would like it to have is maybe a slot to put my fingers in so I have a better grasp when using it. Other than that, I am very happy with this purchase!
Buyer 11.11.2020
Good price, great result!
I have been trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce, in an effort to live more eco-friendly. I can honestly say this is the best purchase I have made in a long time. These pads are soooooo soft, they feel like velvet against your skin and absorb my micellar water easily. When I use them to remove dark makeup like eyeliner or red lipstick, I immediately clean the pads with hand soap after using them to prevent staining. I use each pad one time and then place them in a laundry hamper, to be washed in a hot water load once a week. They’ve held up well with this routine, and I haven’t had any breakouts since using them. I highly recommend them.
Chance Anthony 11.11.2020
Amazing and good for the planet
These are super cute and user friendly. They are like a plush material which I was worried about at first but the absorbency is really good. Wait a second to let your product soak in-it will roll off if you don’t. I use them for my toner and essence products and it works great!
Yeuh 11.11.2020
Great product, for money saving and for the environment!
I use them to remove eye makeup, nail polish, and apply toner. They’re soft and actually don’t hold stains as much as I thought they would even for nail polish which is neat
Kathy 11.11.2020
It’s so easy Use it and wash it
I really like this product. Not only is it great for saving cash, but also for doing your part on excluding waste. I use this to take my makeup off every night and it’s done a well job. A couple things that aren’t really a big issue but I did notice is that at first the new ones don’t absorb very easily and they are kind of hard to clean. I have some staines of mascara even though I just toss them in the washing machine, though you could definitely just hand wash them.
Amazon Customer 11.11.2020
Great reusable pads!
Nice- as expected. I washed them before using them and love that they are organic and reusable. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wears makeup, uses toner, wants to save money and/or cares about reducing their waste!!
Brittster 11.11.2020
Great for toner!
I love that these are organic bamboo cotton. It comes with 20 pads, which is awesome because I can use one each day. I just use the mesh bag it comes with and throw them in with my clothes when I am doing laundry. I recommend these 100%. They are so soft (softest cotton I've felt) and the price is more than fair for the product. This brand uses environmentally friendly materials, even to ship! That's the best part.
Muriel 11.11.2020
Great product! Best (from the reusable rest :)
I’ve enjoyed using these for my nightly micellar water cleanse. I wouldn’t use these for a real face scrub, wash your face and then use these after with some toner or micellar water. I do use a little more product with these fabric cloths than with cotton rounds, it doesn’t absorb as quickly. I still find this a very valuable alternative to disposable cotton rounds!
Mamabear2 11.11.2020
Fabulous buy!
Beautifully packaged, very well branded, soft, high quality, wash well. Recommend washing them in a VERY high temperature, in your home sink (that's in case you really want to reduce waste to almost zero). If washing in the machine - High temperature is a must, and delicate colors are a must. The only one thing to note and be 100% honest about, is the softness aspect; For reusable wipes these are the best of the rest. But generally speaking; Not as soft as your usual 100% cotton one-use pads that I'm personally got so used to (but that's cause no reusable cotton is). From the rest - this company's product is most probably the best. AND they give you an extra 10% on their products for the next purchase, which is a cute +1
Lorilee hanson 11.11.2020
Best. Facepads. Ever!
Wow! These are so soft! I used these for many different things, even washing my babies face. They are so soft and give a nice feel to the face. When I first open the package I couldn’t stop touching them because they were so soft! The fact that they are washable and reusable is amazing!! It even comes in a cute little travel box and bag. I am so happy with this purchase!
Raina Hoge 11.11.2020
These are amazing!!!
I was using the Cotten face pads for years until I decided to looks for more reusable ones. I found these and decided to try them out. I love them! They are very soft and easy to clean with the laundry bag. They are very absorbent but thin enough that it doesn’t cause me any problems. I use these with my witch hazel and micellar cleansing water to take my makeup off. They work great! They can be a little tricky to dry but it’s because they are very absorbent and if you keep them in the bag in the dryer they will not dry correctly. So I recommend drying them loose in the dryer and a very low spin and low heat. They are white so of course they will stain but they get very clean in the wash so there’s no problem with that. I highly recommend them and they have an amazing storage container as well.
Sabrina 11.11.2020
Finally, no running out of makeup removers!
This product is absolutely amazing. It gets 5 stars in all categories. I will never go back to using makeup wipes. They are so gentle and soft on the skin, yet using a cleansing balm or micellar water, they remove makeup perfectly. They are much bigger than I thought, about the size of my palm. So really you only need one to remove a full face of makeup. But the great part is that even if you need more than one, it doesn’t matter because you aren’t creating excess waste like makeup wipes would. They are so gentle, and they are great for the environment because they are reusable! Just throw the dirty ones in the bag that it comes with, then put the bag in the wash and they are good as new. I absolutely love these and I’m extremely happy with this purchase!! I will probably use these for the rest of my life, that’s how great they are!!!!
Jacqualine 11.11.2020
Love them, but don't recommend putting them in the dryer.
Love the size and the softness, easy to Wash in the bag though I recommend Washing about 10 at a time Instead of the whole 20, so they have a lot of wiggle room in the bag. It is not soak up all the toner or soap but circulates well, which actually I find as a positive When applying to your face, because you can use less product and get more effectiveness.
Avigail 11.11.2020
So Soft
Female partner bought these and heres the review: Used to use Neutrogena makeup remover wipes for years, but wanted a more eco-friendly alternative. Using these for the first time with another first ‘micellar water cleanser’ has completely changed my face!!! No breakouts, the pads are gentle and I collect the used ones in the provided net bag to clean in the wash when ready. Being a medical professional wearing dual masks for 7days straight in conjunction with mineral makeup instead of liquid and following with the Greenzla pads/micellar water is the perfect combination for taking care of sensitive skin while also being sensitive to the environment. Will not be purchasing anything besides these from now on! Be kind to our planet and do your part to stay eco smart!!
Dalit 11.11.2020
Soft, Silky, Multi and Easy Use
Love these reusable makeup removal pads. They are super soft and you are able to use both sides to remove makeup. The absorbency is excellent which means i am able to use one side to remove all of my makeup. I love that it's organic which equals no weird smell and its great for my sensative skin.
Maria Sokol 11.11.2020
Great concept , great product
I love these! I'm happy that I don't have to waste cotton balls & can reuse these cotton pads. I use them to apply toners & also when I need to clean my thermometer with rubbing alcohol. I don't recommend that you throw them in the dryer after you wash them because they'll curl up & are a hassle to put back in the container, but that's a small thing. I'm still happy that I bought them.
Melissa 11.11.2020
Best Cotton Rounds!
When I have opened the Amazon box I saw a beautiful box that inside the pads and packed so elegant. The moment I have touched the pads I was amazed how soft and silky they are and when I used them on my face that is what I felt and did remove the makeup such an easy way. Also I have used it to put on my powder and it works much better for me than the sponge. LOVE IT !!!!!!
Evans 11.11.2020
Super soft!
I received these reusable pads in the mail and I didn't know what to expect. This is my first experience with a reusable makeup pad. Now, I don't wear makeup very often but I wash my face and use a toner every day. I used these pads with a cream cleanser, foam cleanser, and toner. The pads are very soft and pleasant to use. The embroidered edge has a bit of a scrubby feel, which I really liked. The pads do take some time to dry off so give them a while before you use them again. You need to lay them out so that they can dry all the way through. I think that price-wise, they are very worth it since you can use each of the 20 pads many times. I am not sure how I will know that they need to be replaced, but I will probably be able to tell. All in all, I would recommend and I love feeling good about doing something positive for our planet.
Tom Boone 09.11.2020
Love it! Saving money & the earth :)
I love these! My only complaint is that I wish they were a bit more absorbent- my micellar water ends up rolling off the pad sometimes, but other than that they are great! I used to have to go get more cotton rounds so frequently so I am saving a lot with these! I haven't washed them yet so I am not sure how well they wash out, but so far- so good. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wears makeup, uses toner, wants to save money and/or cares about reducing their waste!!
Simha Danielle 09.11.2020
High quality cotton pads
I have used both disposable and reusable cotton pads/balls In the past. The disposable ones always leave little lints on my eye lashes so I’ve decided to try reusable ones, which I did not have great success since after one use, They’ll look very worn out and not as soft as the first use. With these cotton pads, you wash them before you first use them so you can see the great quality right away. I love how soft they are and the fact that it has 20 in count which makes it easy not to worry about running low. I’ve used them removing make up, and cleaning my face. It is easy to use and is very durable.
CBaz 09.11.2020
Love these!
I was recently diagnosed with blepharitis, an eye condition. I love using these pads to clean my eyelids in the am when I wake and prior to going to bed before using eye drops and medications. They're soft enough to wash the lids. I've also used them with hot water to rest on my lids for a few mins like a compress to help open glands. Then I rinse them out and toss them in a bag to wash with the laundry every few days. I don't wear eye makeup anymore so I cannot say how these would work for makeup removal. These could also be used to wash face instead of a washcloth, especially if sunburned, with no abrasion.
Karina Hidalgo 09.11.2020
Great value for money.
The packaging of this product is really cute and I really do appreciate that it is all non plastic. The cotton pads comes exactly as described, with a washable landry bag that has good quality. The cotton pads are a good size for you to be able to remove makeup and they are really soft. Takes a little bit of getting used to but overall great product!
Anna 09.11.2020
Serves their purpose perfectly
I ordered these as a low-waste alternative to using cotton balls/etc as a means of removing make up and washing my face. I had previously been using larger wash cloths. While wash cloths are great for keeping in your bathroom, they are usually too big for just needing something quick to take eye makeup off with or quickly washing my face. They also take up space while traveling so I wanted something smaller, like these round cloths. Having 18 is great because I'm not constantly searching for clean ones. I packed them while traveling and the net bag they come in is also great for traveling. I use these with either my face wash or micellar water for make up remover and both work find. I was actually impressed that after I wiped off mascara, quite a bit comes off the pad just rinsing the pad (see photo). I have not put these through the wash yet. Overall I am satisfied and happy with the product. They are a cheap alternative than single use trash at a fair price.
J 09.11.2020
100% recommended!
More and more I am taking steps to take better care of the environment and these reusable makeup remover pads are a total win!! I use makeup removers every day and I was really feeling the itch to stop throwing so many away and get reusable ones. I am so happy I have them now and that they are 100% organic (love this!!). They are gentle to my skin, super easy to wash, and I love that they're big, so I can even use 1 pad for 2 days. 100% recommended!
Mary G. 09.11.2020
Baby Soft!!
These work better than the cotton ones I use to buy. One disc front and back was enough to remove all my make up, so it will be a while before I need to wash them in the baggy. They’re softer as well so I don’t feel like they’re tugging on my skin, which I HATE since it leads to premature aging. The ecofriendly packaging is a nice touch and perfect to store them neatly stacked.
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